"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Albert Einstein




The System MMM "Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox" - this is the Social Financial Structured Network, or we can say Global (or Total :-)) Mutual Aid Fund.

The standard system of financial pyramid has existed all the while, be it insurance companies, pension fund or world currencies (EURO, USD etc.). But the System MMM INDIA is purely based on honesty, openness, trust and no guaranty basis, exactly opposite to the current system of banks, EURO, USD etc.

We cannot call Social Financial Network MMM INDIA is an organisation or a company. What it is - is a community or social unit of like-minded people. The main source of information is only the official web-site of Mr. Sergei Panteleevich Mavrodi.

Now let’s make some important things clear. Social Financial Network MMM INDIA does not provide any financial services. All transactions that occur in MMM will be in confidence between the participants without any promises or any kind of guarantees.

It is very important for the participants of MMM INDIA to know that this is only a social network financial pyramid and whoever participates in it, would do so solely for ideological reasons. Participants in social network MMM INDIA voluntarily share money with each other.

We all know that love and friendship cannot be governed by laws or any kind of regulations, the same way trust in the financial relations of the participants of  MMM INDIA does not fall under the laws regulated by laws of any financial institutions.

MMM motto: We Can Do A Lot! We Are Changing The World!

In terms of legislation,  MMM INDIA  - is an ephemeral combination of letters and numbers. MMM INDIA is an idea, a concept, and nothing more. There are no offices, no sales centres, no cash payments etc. It’s just an idea which was evolved by Mr. SERGEY MAVRODI and this idea has been accepted by approximately 35 million people all over the world.

Based on this idea - We Can Do a Lot – people, without any conditions, are ready to help each other and support the development of this idea, which will spread vision into the masses. The whole idea is based on trust of MMM India participants which they have for each other and their mutual assistance. Most of the participants, who came only for the jackpot, realized what the exact idea of ​​the financial apocalypse was. The same people later began to influence and actively develop the system.

Modern technology - a guarantee of stability of the System.

• No storage centres for money - the money is physically dispersed in the bank accounts of participants living around the world. If the international oligarchic government wants to eliminate the System  MMM INDIA by force, it will have to close all the banks in the world, which will inevitably lead to a financial apocalypse;

• No physical storage of records – As all the information is kept by the many participants and repeatedly duplicated, so there is no physical bookkeeping involved. This automatically eliminates any possibility of loss or intentional destruction of records.

• No specifically defined channels of communication -  MMM INDIA participants communicate via Skype, ICQ, Google Talk, Yahoo IM, Mail Agent, via e-mail, by phone or in person of course. For someone to destroy such a vast system of information transfer is highly impossible.

MMM India – is a complete revolution of the financial relations between people.  MMM INDIA – is mutual aid, trust and support! This mutual aid, trust and support never existed in any financial relations between people before. And this revolution will replace unjust financial and bank system.

MMM India – is the cell of the future. A bright future! That we ourselves, with our own hands, must build. If not us, then who?

Together - We Can Do A Lot! Together - We Are Changing The World!

The proceedings described below are not the rules as we usually understand them (to remind you that there are no rules as such in the System!).These are just some free advices, or you can say algorithm, about how to proceed. By strictly following this advices or algorithm, the participants of the System will be able to achieve benefits up to 30% per month.

MMM INDIA – It is like a drawer in which people place money and then take it out again. For example, you put in 10,000 INR and want to take out 15,000 INR – no problem – you can. It is enough to have some regular money in it (everyday people put in more and more money). It would be a problem, only in the case of all money being taken out. But in practise, such a situation would not occur.  So do not panic! Be calm and everything will be alright! Money Makes Money! 

Just to remind you this idea was evolved by a human being and is a financial pyramid. There is no income from any external investments (Well, there aren't any investments at all!). The participants just pay the benefits from one to the other, from their own funds, that's all. You can lose everything at anytime because there are plenty of risks. So, it's up to you whether you get involved or not




How does  MMM INDIA work??? And again – all very simple. The foundation of  MMM INDIA is based on the basic right of all people – the right to personally decide how to invest their own personal financial funds.

That’s the sole reason why MMM is neither an organization nor any form of legal face or anything. It’s a simple idea that brings people together and helps them achieve their financial goals.

Today you GIVE HELP – tomorrow you will GET HELP!   The structure of  MMM INDIA – is simple and transparent!


Participants are helped to work in  MMM INDIA by their managers, who in fact control their own teams. Over the ten’s manager – is a hundred’s manager, over the hundred’s manager – is a thousand’s manager, over the thousand’s manager – is a ten thousand’s manager and so on. And above everyone is Administrator in India, appointed personally by Mr. SERGEY MAVRODI.

MMM-CRO, The Department of Control And Audit, has a special role, whose powers extend to all. It monitors the integrity and honesty of all participants, as well as, managers in all structures of  MMM INDIA in India. The orders of CRO must be carried out on strictly basis by everyone (absolutely everyone!).

Remember!  MMM INDIA – this is not a bank, not an insurance company and not a pension fund!

MMM INDIA is an idea evolved to unite people and to help them co-reach their financial goals by voluntarily helping each other!

In  MMM INDIA people help each other and transfer money to each other only voluntarily without any warranty or liability!

You register and join the System. Then to “buy” MAVRO press the button GIVE HELP. You tell all your friends, and watch how your MAVRO will continue growing in “price” at the rate of up to 30% per month.

Do you want to “sell” all your MAVRO or just a part of it? (For a new and higher rate!)

No problem! You can do it! “Sell” as much as you like!

To “sell’ MAVRO - press the button which says GET HELP. The System will find the participant who is willing to GIVE HELP. As you can see, everything is simple, clear and understandable. However, if the money is on a personal account with no movement, the gain will be only 10% a month. As for the participant who has transferred amount  to another participant, he is entitled to "buy" MAVRO at 30%.

         By the way, 30% per month is about 23.3 times a year (Approximately, of course).




The official sources of information in the System  MMM INDIA are: the official web-site of Mr. Sergey Mavrodi himself which is www.sergey-mavrodi.com and also the official web-site of MMM INDIA http://www.mmmindia.in/ .  There are no official sources other than that.




MAVRO which has been introduced is like an  MMM INDIA currency. Basically, it is nothing but an abstract calculating unit. Just like regular currency, MAVRO has 2 different "exchange rates", one for "selling" and one for "buying". Each participant can "sell" or "buy" MAVRO, according to the "rates". "Purchase" and "sale" of MAVRO are carried out by special automatic software on the official website.

These "rates" would be established personally by Mr. SERGEY MAVRODI. Twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and, supposedly, would be growing continually.

The rates of growth of MAVRO would be: up to 30% per month.

The limits for deposit of money for each participant will be minimum 5000 INR to maximum 50 000 INR.(For the time being, after the cancelation of the CALM regime. And then we'll see)

ATTENTION! Every time, a participant transfers any amount as per request of the System, this amount is frozen for a period of one month from the date of transfer.

Calculation of MAVRO:

You will gain 10% - when you deposit funds in your account and 30% - when you transfer the amount to the other participant, as and when requested by the System.

The System consists of two main buttons: GIVE HELP (Buy MAVRO) and GET HELP (Sell MAVRO). The moment you register, you press the GIVE HELP button, which means you agree to transfer your money to buy MAVRO at 30%. When you want to sell your MAVRO at 30% in exchange of INR (Indian rupees), you press the GET HELP button.

ATTENTION! Once you register, it is compulsory for you to press the GIVE HELP button. If it’s not done - you will not be eligible to gain 10% on your deposit.

Requests for transfer of amount from your account (which means automatically to buy MAVRO at 30%), may be requested in parts or may be the total sum. However, not more than 50% of the total sum available in your account will be asked for transfer by the System. (For the time being, after the cancelation of the CALM regime. And then we'll see)

First the System calculates the amount of requests for payments (GET HELP button). And then, as per these calculations it will send request for transfers RANDOMLY to the participants (GIVE HELP button). Not necessarily, a request for transfer may or may not occur within a month.

ATTENTION!!! As per the request of the System, a participant MUST transfer money WITHIN 48 HOURS, from his personal account to the account of another participant. In case the participant refuses to transfer the money as per the System’s request - after 48 hours this particular participant will AUTOMATICALLY be removed from the System.

For participants who are open to transfer more than 50% of the deposited amount upon request (GIVE HELP) to buy MAVRO at 30%, there is a separate button. Then the program knows that you are ready to transfer more than 50% of the deposited amount. It doesn’t guaranty that this participant will always be requested to transfer more than 50%.

ATTENTION! Please keep a check on the minimum balance requirement by your bank. The System will not be responsible for paying any below minimum balance charges imposed by your bank.


For Example:

On 01/06/2012   Amar deposited 10,000 INR in his personal account and requested to GIVE HELP. This means he bought MAVRO at 10% for the sum of 10,000 INR.

On 05/06/2012 the System sees that Akbar has pressed the GET HELP button, so the System may randomly choose Amar and request Amar to transfer 5,000 INR to Akbar’s account. This means once the transfer is done to Akbar, Amar has bought MAVRO at 30% for the sum of 5,000 INR. The sum of 5,000 INR which is still remaining in Amar’s account will gain 10% from 05/06/2012 to 30/06/2012 (approximately for 25 days).

On 01/07/2012, now that amount in Amar’s account has completed the frozen period of one month, Amar can sell his MAVRO at 10%.

How the System calculates the 10%! The System calculates 10% for 5 days on the sum of 10,000 INR, i.e. from 01/06/2012 to 05/06/2012 (because there was 10,000 INR from 01/06/2012 to 05/06/2012 in Amar’s account) and then the System calculates 10% on the sum of 5,000 INR remaining after Amar transferred 5,000 INR to Akbar’s account, i.e. from 05/06/2012 to 30/06/2012.

On 05/07/2012, now that amount of 5,000 INR which was transferred by Amar to Akbar’s account has completed the frozen period, Amar can sell the sum of MAVRO at 30% and in exchange get 6,500 Indian rupees.




SYSTEM OF BONUSES IN MMM INDIA. There are basically two types of bonuses: referral bonuses and manager bonuses.

• Referral bonus is a bonus which a participant will receive for each new participant he introduces to the System. Referral bonus is 10%.

• Manager bonus is a bonus given to the managers in appreciation for the work with their participants. This includes the development of his/her structure, organization of conferences, travel expenses, advertising, communication, Internet etc.

Ten’s manager (first line) bonus is 10%. Hundred’s manager (second line) bonus is 3%. Thousand’s manager (third line) bonus is 1%. Any line above third line, the bonus will still remain 1%.

1) Referral and manager bonuses are given ONLY on the sum of amount transferred, which means to MAVROat 30%. Bonuses will be frozen and will be given ONLY after one month from the date of transfer. These bonuses can be either removed or used to buy MAVRO.


For Example # 1:

Amar deposits the initial sum of 10,000 INR and requests to GIVE HELP. As per request he transfers 5,000 INR. On the same date of transfer Anthony, who referred Amar, will be entitled to receive his 10% referral bonus, BUT ONLY on the 5,000 INR that has been transferred by Amar. The same way Akbar, the ten’s manager of Amar, will receive his 10% manager bonus BUT ONLY on the 5,000 INR that has been transferred by Amar. If the ten’s manager Akbar was also the person who referred Amar, he would have received both manager’s and referral bonuses which means 20%.

2) Referral and manager bonuses are given each and every time a participant transfers any sum of amount (maybe part or full) as per request of the System. Bonuses will be frozen and will be given ONLY after one month from the date of transfer. These bonuses can be either removed or used to buy MAVRO.

3) Referral and manager bonuses are given only on new money transferred, as per request of the System. Bonuses will be frozen and will be given ONLY after one month from the date of transfer. These bonuses can be either removed or used to buy MAVRO.


For Example # 2:

Amar is requested by the System to transfer 10,000 INR. After one month, Amar gets 13,000 INR by selling MAVRO at 30%. His ten’s manager Akbar gets his manager’s bonus 1000 INR at the rate of 10%.

Next time the System requests Amar to transfer 15,000 INR. After one month Amar gets 19,500 INR. But now, what happens is, the manager bonus of ten’s manager Akbar is calculated on new money: 10,000 INR - 13,000 INR + 15,000 INR = 12,000 INR. That means Akbar gets 1,200 INR but not 1,500 INR as his ten’s manager’s bonus at the rate of 10%.




Our managers will always be ready to give you all the details and guide you through the registration process. However, if you don’t know how and where to start, you can always check the information on our web-site and contact our call-centre.

Requirements for a registration of new participant:

1. New G-mail account;

2. New separate bank account, always with the presence of Online Banking Services (ONLY in one of these banks: SBI, IDBI, ICICI, AXIS). A new participant also has to have knowledge about internet banking.

ATTENTION! This has to be your personal saving account, cannot be a corporate or a salary account. You cannot also apply for a credit card on this account. This bank account will be only used for online transfers, as per requests of the System. You cannot withdraw any amount for your personal use, unless and until, you get a confirmation from the System. Any amount deposited has to be confirmed by the System (press the button GIVE HELP)

3. Scan of ID proof (any one of these: passport, driving license, election card or PAN card)

4. Letter of undertaking.

ATTENTION! Please keep a check on the minimum balance requirement by your bank. When the System requests you for transfer it will not be responsible if you go below the minimum balance requirement by your bank. The System will not be responsible for paying any below minimum balance charges imposed by your bank. In different states of India the rules of the same banks are different!

For Example:

Amar deposited 3,000 INR in his personal account. The minimum balance requirement by his bank is 2,000 INR. The system requests Amar for transfer of 50% from his account i.e. 1,500 INR. So BEFORE transferring the amount, as per request of the System, Amar will have to deposit 500 INR more to maintain the balance of 2,000 INR, as per the requirement of his bank. This way he will not have to pay any below minimum balance charges.

ATTENTION! Please remember that from the moment of registration in MMM INDIA this personal account is the part of the System MMM INDIA. For any personal transactions or transactions which were not confirmed by the System the participant will be removed from the System and will never be able to be in the Network MMM INDIA in future under any circumstances. MMM INDIA

Requirements from a new participant to his/her manager: 

-        Screenshot of the new bank details confirming it is a new account;

-        Screenshot of the new bank account showing the sum of amount he is ready to start giving and getting HELP in  MMM INDIA

-        Scan of ID Proof (any one of these: passport, driving license, election card or PAN card);

-        A letter of undertaking as follows: "I, YOUR FULL NAME, have read the rules for participation. I fully understand all risks and agree to participate in this social-economic Network MMM in India. Please register me in the System. You will find attached the required documents";

-        Write the full details of your bank account.


Once you receive the code in your G-mail account which is required to activate your MMM INDIA account, you can log-in through this link https://2012.sergey-mavrodi.com/

ATTENTION! A manager of any level, under any circumstances, does not have any right to request for any cash or online transfers of your funds! All the requests are sent by System software ONLY!

If ever there is a situation wherein you have lost contact with your up-line manager, please do not panic. We kindly request you to immediately contact the Administrator in India. The Administrator will take action to look into the situation and, if required, replace your manager.

If any complaints, regarding any of your up-line managers or any other important issues which require attention from the higher level, please find contact details on the official web-site of MMM in India http://www.mmmindia.in/

All managers are required to execute any order given by the Administrator without any undue delay. The Administrator in India has been appointed personally by Mr. SERGEY MAVRODI.




A manager has an active role in  MMM INDIA and is a person who is responsible to control and guide his team. His primary duty – is to consult and register new participants, and also to assist the participants who wish to GIVE HELP or GET HELP. The manager is answerable to his up-line manager about his team.

A manager can have only one structure under him. For example, the ten’s manager cannot be both a ten’s manager and a hundred’s or thousand’s manager. He is either ten’s manager, or hundred’s manager or thousand’s manager.

ATTENTION! The appointment of a participant to become a manager or for a manager to be promoted to the next managerial level depends SOLELY on his up-line manager. The up-line manager is required to test the capabilities of the candidate and make sure he is suitable for the position selected. The up-line manager will take FULL responsibility of all the actions of the manager appointed by him.

To request for:

A ten’s manager position– a participant is required to have ten participants who is capable of having ten participants in his/her team.

A hundred’s manager position – a ten’s manager is required to have one candidate who is capable of having ten participants who agree to be under his/her team.

A thousand’s manager position – a hundred’s manager is required to have ten ten’s managers in his structure and one candidate who is capable of having ten ten’s managers under him who agree to be in his/her team.   And so on.




He must learn and abide the "Rules" on the website and browse the site every day;

He must have a personal computer, install and have an account in Skype and also know how to use it;

He must buy and connect a Web camera;

He must be able to answer any questions about the Rules questioned by his up-line manager;

He must send the scan of ID proof to his up-line manager;

If ever requested through Skype, he must agree to a video call in which his face is visible together with his ID proof;

He must be in position to always take responsibility of his down-line.




A manager should make positive developments in his team. He should actively work and try his level best to expand and grow his team. If he remains idle, what kind of manager is he?

A manager must be aware about all the activities and updates going on in MMM INDIA. He should be well versed about how the system works, how to register new participants, how to be able to use online banking. He should know about the referral and management bonuses, as well as, keep a daily watch on the official web-site.

A manager starts by creating a folder on his desktop naming it as “My Team”. This folder will consist of all the details of each of his participants with the required documents.

For example:

My Teamà My hundred’s managersàMy ten’s managersàMy participantsàEach participant details (screenshots of bank accounts and transactions, ID proof etc.)

If requested by the MMM-CRO he MUST at any point of time be in position to furnish details about any of participants or managers of his structure. Always!

In case of refusal, this manager is liable to for-go a part of his manager bonuses or even be demoted to the level of a participant and lose his managerial position. If CRO finds any violations of Rules or tries to misuse his managerial position for personal material gains, he will immediately be deleted from the system.





In case of large-scale panic, the CALM regime will be introduced.

Payments will be stopped during this period, and for "buying" MAVRO everybody will get a bonus. It seems one week is more than necessary to calm the people. For 7 days participants calm down and all goes back to normality. All these panic attacks are of an emotional, spontaneous nature, without regular bases (Because the System  MMM INDIA does work! There is no doubt about it). Usually it is just necessary to suppress the first wave and to avoid allowing it to grow and get stronger, and to give all the participants some time to calm down. :-))

But, anyway, all and complete payments will start at some time and the System MMM INDIA will continue working normally. Nobody will be able to close it at this point, for technical reasons (The money is in different personal accounts of members and there is no special vulnerable centre or point). You should always remember that, and not yield to the authoritie’s influence. The System is invincible if all members are behaving appropriately and rationally. Money Makes Money!





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